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Kohia provides a wide range of professional learning courses for educators throughout New Zealand

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Kohia Centre is the hub of professional learning at the Faculty of Education and Social Work, the University of Auckland. It is located at the University’s Epsom Campus in Auckland at: Gate 1, 78 Epsom Ave Epsom Auckland Parking is located on Level 3 of a designated carpark building accessed from Gate 2, 76 Epsom Avenue.

Kohia is the Māori name for the New Zealand passion flower Tetrapathaea tetranda. This flower was valued by early Maori.The plant burnt slowly when dry, enablng them to carry the spark from village to village. This "carrying the spark" symbolism is particularly appropriate for our centre as we strive to support and share the development of people’s learning and expertise across all communities.”

“The centre has a proud 40-year tradition of providing support for teachers –from the early days of Arney Road in Remuera to the purpose-built facility here at Epsom, as part of the Faculty of Education and Social Work. Kohia now reaches communities beyond the education sector such as social workers, councillors and many trusts and organisations make use of our great facilities.


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