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Our tailored languages teaching and learning support will help you and your school build success in the Learning Languages area of the curriculum.




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International Languages Exchanges and Pathways (ILEP) is a project funded by the NZ Ministry of Education with contributions from donor governments to support New Zealand schools and teachers in implementing a successful Learning Languages curriculum area in years 7-13. ILEP runs a range of programmes with the aim of growing and strengthening foreign language learning in New Zealand schools. View the ILEP brochure here. 

Transforming Practice in Language Teaching (TPLT) is a project funded by the NZ Ministry of Education to equip language teachers to teach languages effectively. The project supports the teaching and learning of Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, Samoan, Niuean, Cook Islands Maori, Tongan and Tokelauan.  TPLT is an in-service year-long professional development programme for teachers at all New Zealand schools.   View the TPLT brochure here      


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