Student-Centred Leadership


The University of Auckland Centre for Educational Leadership (UACEL) provides a range of leadership services for educational leaders and organisations both in New Zealand and overseas. All our work is informed by rigorous educational leadership research and the practical experience of our team of researchers, past principals and senior leaders. We are committed to improving student outcomes through building leadership expertise.

Our People

Cath Runga

Accredited facilitator

Nicki Sturgeon

Accredited facilitator

Linda Bendikson

UACEL Centre Director, Lead Expert Partners

Viviane Robinson

Distinguished Professor / UACEL Academic Director

Ella Newbold

Accredited facilitator

Camilla Highfield

Director Professional Learning & Development

Karl Mutch

Lead accredited facilitator, Workforce Manager Play.sport

Gayle McIIraith

Lead accredited facilitator

Martin Turner

Lead accredited facilitator

Cynthia Orr

Accredited facilitator

Irene Andersen

Accredited facilitator

Jenny Thompson

Accredited facilitator

Julie Beattie

Lead accredited facilitator

Toni Cassrels

Accredited facilitator

Karen Lethbridge

Accredited facilitator

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